Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Most you can get out of this Life

As we are all busy thinking about our future, we are kinda bit hurry in getting what we want to be..say ten years from now I should have my own house, travelled into different places, not only here in the Philippines but all over the world...while for others their aims is to be famous, powerful, etc... but my question is " what is the MOST that you can get out of this life?"

What really brings you happiness?
*Is it money?
*Is it love with "lovers" :-)no commitment
*Is it genuine love with the man or woman you're dreaming to be with?

Given a chance to choose between the three (3) options what will be your choice and why do you think it will brings you happiness?

Are your watching Cruel Love (korean novela)?

I'm a fanatic of I would say all Korean novelas...I really enjoying their script, the main characters are all handsome and pretty. Koreans are so talented in writing stories, choosing the casts and directing it.

Anyway, what I want to share is the love story of Juan and Elaine on that story..I'm so captured with Juan's acting...how he express his love to Elaine and vise versa..

Why do you think the title was Cruel Love?
Please share your thought with me..